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These are The Best of Times and These are The Worst of Times

Some of the best Yogis I know teach at gyms and I have no qualms with that but so do the very worst of the worst, much credit should be given to both because without them Nova would be a real fitness thing. Today’s first stint at the gym, can at best be described as Joyless but not wholly unexpected. I’ve been primed, conditioned to dread the gym job by my teachers – it totally lived up to the hype.

My unsuccessful stint in the corporate world has proven most invaluable since I went to the dark side and took on a regular slot at a local gym franchise. Passive aggressive housewives, whining, eye rolling and people fighting over mats simply cannot and do not phase me, not anymore anyway – there’s no side eye like office side eye. Gym based yoga teachers get a lot of flack for lacking vigor and enthusiasm but it is worthwhile to note that a soulless stretch could be just what the audience want or what the doctor ordered.

No, I am not commiserating simply because I’ve sold out temporarily – it’s a jungle out there and there’s no tree house quite like Planet Fitness or Virgin Active.

Needless to say, I don’t think my class was well received, I had way too much energy for 8am class full of 40+ housewives. Did I expect people to be filled with the Holy Spirit at my Downward-Facing Dog, no. I just wanted a little more life. I do have a take away though: You have to give the customer what they want and turning it down a notch may be just what is required. Sometimes all the Hyde Park Housewife wants is to don her Lululemons and say she went to yoga.

For a happier teaching experience – Give her that, take pictures of the class, catching her from her best side, don’t forget to emphasise the branding of the pants and say Namaste at the end.

Sat Nam, y’all.